Advertising on kijiji works
for small businesses

(but you already knew that as you found me there)

The kijiji Method

the kijiji method is a six step process that turbo charges your

basic kijiji ad into a lead generating machine

laptop with text and person writing in notebook

kijiji listing

The difference between landing a new customer and not begins with your kijiji listing. From having a catchy Ad Title to the media that you upload – they all need to be spot on to attract and convert a kijiji user into your customer.

0 and 1's on blue background


Besides kijiji your prospects are doing searches on Google which means you need a website designed to convert. Through an 8 step design process we will achieve this with your website. 

SEO terms


Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research we will discover which words your prospects are typing into their Google search bar to find businesses like yours. Armed with this knowledge we will incorporate these words into the text on your website so you will show up in your prospects Google search results pages.

email symbols with hand and keyboard

Email Marketing

Many visitors to your website may not be ready to buy but you want to keep your business top-of-mind with them. Having a sign-up form for your newsletter on your website allows you to capture your visitors’ contact information and keep your business in mind for when they are ready to purchase.

logo design components


A company logo allows you to stand out from your competition and communicate your values. It will be one or the first thing a prospect will judge your business on so it is very important to take some time and make an investment in the logo that you have designed for your business.

woman in white suit typing on large laptop


The written word is an important factor in winning prospects over to your business. The words you choose have to capture your prospects’ attention, provide them with the information they want and convince them that your business will solve their problem with as little hassle as possible.

My Work

Sharp Employment Services

This website showcases a fictitious employment agency that specializes in assisting people that have a disability.

It contains:

◉ custom logo
◉ animated background images
◉ animated text
◉ image rollovers
◉ stock photography

Brandan Johnson Plumbing

This website showcases a fictitious plumbing company.

It contains:

◉ custom logo
◉ testimonial carousel
◉ stock photography
◉ tabs
◉ accordions
◉ Google Maps
◉ form

Dr. Akman

This website showcases a fictitious employment agency that specializes in assisting people that have a disability.

It contains:

◉ stock photography
◉ Google Maps
◉ accordions
◉ image carousel

Steal and Fish Restaurant

This website showcases a fictitious restaurant.

It contains:
◉ custom logo
◉ stock photography
◉ tabs
◉ Google Maps
◉ form

Uncle Tom’s Cool Stuff

This website showcases a fictitious vendor stall.

It contains:
◉ stock photography
◉ Google Maps

calculator and spreadsheet

Value Proposition

In order for a website to deliver results it needs to be both designed effectively and be technically sound. Many websites are designed beautifully with technical aspects being neglected. This is a shame as the technical aspects of a website are of equal importance to the overall success of your website and ultimately your business.

My pledge to you is that I will strike a balance between the two. I will ensure your website looks great and also that users can get what they need from it easily and quickly. Plus I will ensure your website has all of the most recent updates on a monthly basis to ensure that it is both secure and operates at its peak performance. This ensures visitors have an optimal experience and are more likely to contact you to solve their problem.

rock climbing with person in foreground with clipboard

I’ve got your back

Once we have launched a project of yours its journey has just begun. Any project that is successful over the long run adapts to the changing conditions that it finds itself in.

I am on this journey with you for the long run and care about the results of each project we work on. From the traffic your website receives to an email or kijiji ad campaign conversion rate we will learn and work together to achieve the most optimum results possible.

hit the mark designs logo

My focus is your success

Everything I do is geared toward making your kijiji investment have the best return your buck that it can achieve.

From our initial meeting to that exciting moment when the phone rings and it’s a kijiji user who:

  1.  saw your ad
  2. clicked on your website link
  3. visited your website and
  4. decided to call you to solve their problem

This can only be achieved by having both the creative and strategic aspects of your advertising campaigns working together.

Creativity by having a consistent look and feel through all of your advertising channels from your kijiji advertisements to your website to your social media channels and beyond.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Winston Churchill

These words sum up how most website designers function. They are so wrapped up in the look of a project that they neglect the lessons that can be learned from their previous works.

I take a different approach. Before we start building the project we will have a strategic discussion around setting the right parameters and goals for it.

Next I will create the project with input from you as we go along to ensure the vision you have comes to life.

After launching the project we will step back and analyze the results that the project achieved against the goals that we had set for it.
Then we take any lessons we learned from the results and tweak the project as needed.

Matthew Sweeney

My Story

During the mid 90’s when the internet was being discovered by the masses I was in college completing my Audio Visual Multimedia diploma.

From here I worked for an advertising firm in their multimedia and print divisions coordinating and assisting with projects.

After this I worked in the residential landlord field as a Systems Administrator and Marketing Assistant.

Then I discovered the benefits of working for myself and haven’t looked back since. I have worked with an array of clients from flooring distributors to palm readers to not-for-profit organizations assisting them get the most out of their marketing budget.