First Visit

No cost initial examination

We understand that having dental work done takes an emotional, physical and financial commitment so in order to relieve some of the burden we offer this service. To start I will take you on a tour of our office and we will have a chat about what you would like to achieve with us.

Complete Exam and Diagnosis

After you feel comfortable with us and your surroundings we will start with doing a complete set of x-rays for your mouth and teeth. We will identify any areas of concern we have and investigate any that you have. We will also do a screening for mouth cancer.

Treatment Planning

Everyone has constraints in their lives and having dental work done presents its own. Be they emotional, financial or otherwise we will work within them to get the treatment that you need to meet your goals.

Entertainment Provided

One of the best ways to handle medical procedures is to distract oneself. Whether this is through watching movies, listening to music or audio books we have an extensive collection that you can choose from. Or if you prefer you can bring something in of your own to listen to or watch.