how to create an effective kijiji listing

by | 2023 Sep 6 | kijiji listings


Advertising on the internet has never been so easy.

– right?

Yes advertising on the internet is easy but to have an effective advertisement – one that attracts attention and gets a user to do something is quite another thing.

Below you will find out how to create an advertisement on kijiji that will do both of these things whether it be phone you up for a quote, sign up for your newsletter or purchase goods or services on your website.


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Ad Title

Your Ad Title is one of the first things your prospect will see about you along with your first image and first two sentences of your description.

This makes it a top priority in your ad development process.

The Ad Title needs to both summarize your key offer and why your prospect should find out more. This all needs to be done within 64 characters (including spaces) so you need to be concise yet be creative enough to capture your prospects’ attention.

For our fictitious plumber that we will call Brandan Johnson we could use the following:

Get your plumbing problem fixed without breaking the bank.


The category that you select determines the general kijiji section where your ad will appear.

Below are listed the sections available to choose from:

  • Buy & Sell
  • Cars & Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs
  • Services
    • Childcare & Nanny
    • Cleaners & Cleaning
    • Entertainment
    • Financial & Legal
    • Fitness & Personal Trainer
    • Food & Catering
    • Health & Beauty
    • Moving & Storage
    • Music Lessons
    • Photography & Video
    • Skilled Trades
    • Tutors & Languages
    • Wedding
    • Travel & Vacations
    • Other
    • Pets
    • Community
    • Vacation Rentals

For Brandan we will select Skilled Trades under Services.



Got a leaky faucet, toilet not flushing or no water at all?


I’ll be there ASAP to contain the problem, diagnose the cause and develop a plan immediately to fix the problem then and there or within 3 business days.


I have over 25 years experience in the plumbing trade all in the Hamilton region. My loyal customers have assisted me with getting over 75 5 star reviews on Google Maps.


Call or text me today to solve your plumbing problem.


When a kijiji user types in a phrase such as “plumbing” this is where your tags come into play.  Tags are what kijiji users type into the search bar to search for the desired ads on kijiji.

For Brandan we will enter the following tags:

  • plumber
  • plumbing
  • plumbing services
  • household repairs
  • handyman


kijiji requires at least your postal code so that it can determine where to post your ads on their website.


An excellent way to stand out from your competitors is to have visuals accompany your ad. You can have up to 10 images per advertisement. Below you will see images that advertise Brandan’s contact information, service area and services that he offers.
brandan johnson plumbing - contact information
map of Hamilton and surrounding area including Ancaster, Aldershot, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Waterdown and Westdale
clogged drain being snaked by plumber
wrench drawing and image of hands with screwdriver fixing sink
broken pipe drawing with exterior pipes image
drawing of a toilet along with image of upscale bathroom


Get kijiji users attention with these features:

  • customized icons
  • custom logo
  • introductory offer
  • business highlights
  • main services highlighted

Coverage Area Map

Let your visitor know if you cover the area that they live in.

Clogged Drains

Summarize for your visitor what the symptoms are of a clogged drain and the services you offer to fix the problem.

Plumbing Repairs

Ask relevant questions of your viewer and offer a solution to their problem.

Burst Pipes

Inform visitors that it may not be as bad as they expect.

Recommend items they may get to address the issue.

And offer a discount.

Clogged Toilet

Relate to your visitor’s issue and explain why they should call a professional like you to fix their problem.

New Units

Relate to your visitor’s situation and explain why this is a good time to use your services to purchase, dispose of and install a new unit.

YouTube Video

Having a YouTube video is an excellent way to entice prospects to use your services or purchase your products.

With a YouTube video Brandan could:

  • Introduce himself to his prospects
  • Showcase projects he’s worked on
  • Have people give him testimonials
  • Create instructional videos for how to complete simple plumbing repairs
  • Create informative videos that show what are some problem signs to look for

It is not required to have a YouTube video to advertise on kijiji.

Website URL

The website URL feature is a great way to get prospects to go to your website. This link is displayed prominently on the right hand side of your listing just below the “contact” section.

So paying the $ 4.95 fee makes a lot of sense to make it easy for prospects to reach your website and continue their purchasing path towards you and not your competition.

Phone Number

Displaying your phone number on kijiji is an option that you have for prospects to contact you. This is a very personal preference as everyone who sees your kijiji ad will have access to this phone number. Some thought should be put into whether you want your phone number in a public space or not.

Email Address

kijiji requires that you give them an email address where prospects can contact you.

The emails that you will receive from your ads come directly from kijiji not your prospects. This allows you to determine if the person attempting to contact you is genuinely interested in your business or is attempting to spam you.

In Closing

This is all the requirements that kijiji has to advertise on their website.

I hope that you have found some use in this post.

If you would like some assistance with this process please contact me through the methods in this webpage’s footer.