how to write an effective kijiji ad title

by | 2023 Sep 12 | kijiji listings


Your kijiji ad title is one of the most important aspects as it is the first line of text that a kijiji user will read when they see your ad.

You have only 64 characters in which to tempt the user to click on your ad to find out more. Quite a lot to ask of 64 characters but it can be done if you put a little effort in.

Below you will find several ways of writing your kijiji ad title and as always if you would like some assistance please contact me via the ways below.

To illustrate the points we will continue with our fictitious plumber Brandan Johnson who is looking to create an effective kijiji ad.

If you do not know who Brandan Johnson is and want to read about his story from the beginning check out my blog summary page and click on the first blog post.


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brandan johnson plumbing - brandan johnson with tool rack

1. Include keywords you think readers will search for

Some of Brandan’s key services include the following: clogged drains, plumbing repairs, burst pipes and clogged toilets. Let’s try and incorporate some of these services into his kijiji ad title keeping in mind the 64 character limit.
  • Clogged drain – get it fixed in 48 hours or less!
  • Burst pipe – get a professional plumber.

2. Ask Questions

Simply asking a question that a kijiji reader can answer with “yes” may get them to do what you want them to do like phone you up.
  • Got water where it shouldn’t be? Call Brandan the Plumber.
  • Got screeching pipes? Get them in tune again.

3. Mention your geographic area

Seeing as you are advertising on kijiji you are most probably targeting your local area in your prospecting work. So why not mention this is your kijiji ad?
  • Live in Hamilton? Have plumbing issues? Contact Brandan.
  • Live in the Hammer and have plumbing issues? Contact Brandan.

4. Promise something you can honour

Can you promise service within a certain timeframe? Does your service run 24/7? Does your company work on the weekends? Thinking of something you can promise may entice kijiji users to reach out to you.

  • I’ll be on site within 48 hours of your call.
  • Simple jobs will be completed within 48 hours.

In Closing

Hopefully these examples of ways to write a kijiji ad title have inspired you to write your own. If you would like some assistance writing yours you can always reach out to me (Matthew) through the methods below.