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Your kijiji listing needs some thought put into it before you post it for it to achieve the goals you have.

To assist you I have created this checklist PDF that you can download here (no you don’t have to sign up for my newsletter).

Below is a detailed description of each component of your kijiji ad.


Download your copy of this checklist here.

Ad Title

You have only 64 characters to craft your ad title with. So your only aim with this part of your kijiji ad should be to convince your reader that you are worth their time looking into and that’s it.


What you select here determines where your ad will show up in the category listings of kijiji’s products or services.


This is where you can get creative and explain why you and your company are different from your competition and why your prospect should seek your product or service to solve their problem.


These are the words or descriptive phrases that kijiji users type into the search bar to find what they are looking for. You want to include as many variations as you can think of to describe your product or service to capture as many potential visitors to your kijiji ad.


Your address is used by kijiji to target your ad to users that are geographically close to you.


You want to take advantage of this feature of kijiji ads. Here you can:

  • showcase your product in being used
  • show how the different features improve people’s lives
  • a before and after shot of something showcasing your service
  • tell a story about your product or service and how they improved a person’s life

See how this can be done below this section.


If you have YouTube videos show them off here.

Website URL

This feature places your website address in a readily accessible area of your ad making it easy for visitors to visit your website.

Contact Information

You have the option of entering your phone number here to be displayed on your kijiji ad.

Need Help ?

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