Stationery - why do I need to invest in it?

Stationery design within the era of email may seem like an outmoded form of communication. However, that “outmodedness” gives those who invest the time and resources into it a leg up on their competition that don’t.

Here are some benefits to having professionally designed stationery:

Just having stationery is no guarantee that it will complement your other marketing efforts. There needs to be some considerable investment in time in designing stationery that will both attract attention and deliver the marketing message you want to deliver.

Take for example the pieces discussed below.

dentist business card

Business Cards

Business cards give you the opportunity to leave a positive impression about your business when you give one out. This will happen only if you take time to design one with a purpose in mind coupled with printing them on decent stock paper.

dentist letterhead


Your business letterhead is not only just for informational purposes but is a tangible representation for your brand. When someone sees a consistent brand with your business stationery it reflects a business that has loyalty and sophistication. Not only that but that you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. This all hinges on the design execution as well - from font selection to where company contact information is placed.

dentist notepad


Notepads are a great inexpensive, useful and durable gift that clients will use everyday. Not only are they useful to your clients but beneficial to you as well as they keep your business fresh in their minds. A win-win for all.

dental presentation folder

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are a great way to make a terrific first impression. With them you can ensure that everything looks professional and is in its correct spot.

dentist # 10 envelope


Envelopes are another often overlooked component of a businesses marketing strategy. Care should be taken when having this piece of stationery designed and produced as you want to entice recipients to open the envelope right away to get at its valuable content that you have created.

dentist tri-fold brochure - back

Flyers and brochures

It’s a given that for small businesses a TV commercial or billboard advertisement is out of your budget range. However, a flyer or brochure if delivered to the right audience can have even a more impactful result on a small businesses bottom line.

4 x 6 dental postcard


Postcards harken back to a simpler time - when people sent letters to each other and it was an occasion. Much like this, a postcard offering a discount stands out from the electronic advertisements that we all skip as soon as we can on whatever website we are wanting content from.


In conclusion then we can see that there are various options you can pursue when creating a stationery package for one’s business. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of designing all these pieces by yourself and if this is the case may I suggest you download my free:

basic design principles cover

Basic Design Principles Manual

which will illustrate some basic techniques which will help you in the process of designing your own print material.

Of course if you’d rather not tackle this at all please contact me at 289-237-4472. And please check out my stationery page for more details.

Happy designing!

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