There are many website developers out there who target just about anybody for their business. As long as they can make a buck.

I’m taking a different approach by focusing on the unique needs of Kijiji small business owners who don’t have a lot of money or time to dedicate to their marketing efforts.

Read on to find out how.

generic website on laptop

Your Design Journey

Phase 1: Planning & Discovery

  • Goal discussion
  • We will have a straightforward discussion about:
  • what are your primary and secondary goals for your website
  • the requirements for your website
  • your competition

Phase 2: Preparation

  • Competitor research
    • Having a look at what your competition is doing will give us insight into:
    • what trends are common for your industry
    • where we can improve upon these trends
  • Sitemap for website
    • I’ll create a simple drawing that shows all the pages of your website to see how each page connects to each other.
  • Function of each page
    • We will then determine the goal of each page to ensure that all the pages work together to achieve the goals we have set.
  • Wireframe for main site pages
    • I’ll create a simple drawing to illustrate the major sections of each page of your website.
  • 3rd party integrations
    • All the plugins or services that are required for your website will be researched by me to ensure they will work properly with each other.
wireframe printout

Phase 3: Website Copy

  • Keyword analysis
    • This task is essential to the success of your website. We will:
      look at your competitions content
      • analyze how this content can be improved upon
      • research keywords that your competition uses
      • incorporate these keywords or others into your content
  • Write new content
    • We will work together to craft content that will turn visitors to your website into customers.
copywriting - woman hands typing on laptop

Phase 4: Design & Graphics

  • Review the design style
    • All visual components of your website are reviewed including:
      • Layout of pages
      • Style of pages
      • Fonts
      • Images
  • Create desktop, tablet and mobile mockups of main pages
    • I will create an image of any main pages of your website so that you have a visual representation of what the end product will look like.
design concept board

Phase 5: Development

  • Build website
    • From all of the discussions and content that we have created and or obtained I will build your website.
website components

Phase 6: Quality Assurance

  • Different size devices
    • We will ensure that your website looks great on whatever sized screen your website visitor is viewing your website from be it a cell phone, laptop or desktop.
  • Different browsers
    • We will ensure that your website also looks great on whatever browser your website visitor users be it Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
laptop - analyzing code

Phase 7: Account Set-Up & Integration

  • Google Analytics 4
    • This free service allows us to see a lot of information on your users characteristics and behaviour such as:
      • session duration
      • pages per session
      • bounce rate
      • source of traffic
      • geographical location of traffic
google icon

Phase 8: Final Review & Launch Preparation

  • We will do one more thorough review of the entire website before taking it live.
rocket launch at night