Why Do I Need a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

by | 2023 Oct 22 | Google

When you consider that Google has close to 92% of the worldwide search market share it makes total sense to get and optimize your businesses GBP.

Your GBP account can be set up relatively quickly and easily (even quicker and easier if you use this Google Business Profile Setup form).

The information that you list on your GBP may also show up in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Shopping depending on what content you provide and the search terms a user enters into Google.

What types of businesses can have a GBP

Businesses that have physical contact with customers or have a physical location such as a restaurant or store qualify. Also, businesses that provide a service by meeting at a location such as consultants or electricians.

Businesses that conduct business online only will have to use Google’s Google Ads and Google Analytics services.

What are the benefits of having a Google Business Profile?

There are many reasons to have a Google Business Profile (GBP). The first from my perspective is that it gives you free advertising (REALLY).

The free advertising that you gain includes the following:

Have your business show up on Google Maps searches as seen in the example below.

google maps search results

With GBP you have access to data which gives you insight into how your prospects found you and how they interacted with your online presence. This allows you to adjust your advertising campaigns accordingly.

google business profile summary

Actions that you can take to enhance your Google Business Profile include:

  • Showcase photographs of your products or services
  • Receive customer reviews of your business and respond to those reviews
  • Answer questions that customers ask
  • Highlight your businesses details such as phone number, website address, street address and other contact methods
  • Add keywords to your profile which match those that your prospects are typing into a Google search bar

Advice to Create a Stand Out GBP

  • Complete every section of your GBP accurately and thoroughly
  • Stress your USP (Unique Selling Point) anywhere you can
  • A USP is something that makes your company stand out from your competitors. For example my businesses USP is that I cater to companies that advertise on kijiji
  • Make your listing relative to your prospect by describing your business in a local context
  • Add high quality photographs that showcase your businesses services and or products and add new ones frequently
  • Respond in a timely manner to both positive and negative reviews, questions and posts

In Closing

This article outlines the major benefits of having a Google Business Profile and gives you access to the Google Business Profile Setup form to help get started.

If you would like assistance setting up a GBP for your business or have other questions regarding your businesses online presence contact me via the ways in the footer below.